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we want to welcome you our viewers on tv36. we are monitoring the returns and bringing you the latest numbers tonight. >> we are watching results from the states where the polls just closed moments ago including iowa and nevada and of course we are keeping a close eye on the other crucial battleground states including florida, ohio and virginia closing right now, iowa, montana, utah and idaho. both presidential candidates settled in to watch the results as they come in tonight. president barack obama has been in chicago all day. mitt romney want to boston this morning to cast his vote before
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flying out for more campaigning. we have team coverage on the two candidates. we go to the president supporters in chicago. we begin though, with rita williams with romney supporters in boston. [cheers and applause] >> well, mitt romney senior strategist took to the stage to ref up the crowd. no real news but you can see the crowd here is beginning to grow. meanwhile, i am told that mitt romney is across the street in a hotel room with his wife, ann, his five sons, 16 of his 18 grandchildren. but right before he went in there he had one last thing to say about this long campaign. >> i am very pleased. i feel like we put it all on the field. left nothing in the locker room. we fought to the very end and i think that is why we will be
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successful. >> no would of, could of, should of. the governor seamingly satisfied with the campaign he has run. [cheers and applause] as for the supporters some are downstairs below me right now watching returns on big screen tvs cheering, of course, when returns from a swing state seem to be going their way. growing very quiet when they aren't. but folks here is a they do expect to know sometime tonight or early tomorrow who the next president will be, who the president will be for the next four years. my colleague is in chicago with president barack obama, what are they saying there, ken? >> reporter: well, what we are hearing and what you are hearing there, but maybe more of it here is a lot of cheering as the results come in. there are thousands of people barack obama supporters who are
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expected to attend this election night event here at the mccormick center, a large convention center here in chicago. now, those invited are those of the barack obama campaign workers who live in chicago. they are chicago campaign workers but they volunteer to travel to neighboring swing states to campaign in the final days. that effort earned them a ticket here tonight. they are watching the return comes in. with them is a topical cal democrat -- top california democrat, harris, worked closely with the barack obama campaign. but said a promising victory tonight she says it is more tporpt get out the vote -- more important to get out the vote even in these hours. >> the reality is that there are, for example in ohio, last election cycle we won by 5 votes precinct. to vote it is express your voice. if we want our issues heard
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express your voice. at this point in the evening i want to encourage everyone to vote and we can talk about how much we enjoyed the celebration later. [ laughter ] >> well, of course, in addition to the question, the big question of who will win tonight the other question is when will we know in they believe it will be a long night. they believe we will have the answer to who will win this contest by tomorrow morning. back to you. now, as we mentioned polls closed in several more states moments ago. >> we go once again to the polls. >> reporter: i want to tell you just a few minutes ago we got word that the associated press is now projecting that mitt romney will in fact win utah. as you see it here. they are projecting romney will win utah. there it goes red. we want to let you know that peps pennsylvania was declared
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in the barack obama camp. so he won pennsylvania. also happening a short time ago the state of new jersey. even with a republican governor, take a look. president barack obama winning the state of new jersey and capturing all 14 of its elect oral votes. >> you mentioned pennsylvania. some considered it a battleground state, romney did. but he lost that state. so, now he is turning to ohio which may be the most important state in this election. right now president barack obama is leading mitt romney in ohio bi2 points, we still have -- by 2 points but we still have more registered voters in ohio and we only have 3 million casting ballots. it could be a long night in ohio and florida. it is a story every four years, razzor thin elections in
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florida. look at this. more than seven million votes cast. it is tied, look at the separation, 3 million, for each, you are talking about more than 7 million votes and a difference of only 20,000 votes. we still have a lot of votes to be counted. we don't know what is going on in virginia. a tight battle there as well. of the battleground states the only ones that really came in if you want to call pennsylvania a battle ground state it is in barack obama's column. mitt romney has to win ohio and florida and hopes to win virginia. that is the only way to stay competitive. if he loses ohio he lost this election. we will watch it and see what happens. >> voters will cast votes for or against same sex marriage today. we want to check in now with john, he is monitoring the
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national issuesip cluding gay marriage; john? >> we might have history. the first state to approve same sex marriage by vote could come this evening. maine is the first state to put it on the ballot in its own right. maryland and washington voters are asked to overturn it by legislatures. minnesota voters asked to change the constitution to define marriage between a man and a woman. 6 states legalized same sex marriage by legislation, this is maryland earlier this year. now, thattates previously rejected gay marriage. they have been encouraged by polling showing 49% favor same sex marriage. maryland voter turnout, reported as heavy. early returns just into our news room, 52% are approving it. in maine, early returns, 53% approving same sex marriage. minnesota, no returns yet. the results in washington state may not be known until the end
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of this week because of late mail in balloting. back to you. >> now, in addition to election results, ktvu reporters are watching voter turnout, analysts predicted fewer people will go to the polls compared to the last presidential election. and, david stevenson is in san francisco to tell us what he is finding out about the question of turnout, david? >> reporter: the voting booths behind me hera at san francisco city hall are staying busy. ahead of the polls closing at 8:00 this evening. take a look at the video we shot. sanfrancisco has over 503,000 voters. typical turn out here for presidential election is 71%. the elections department says it may be lower this year. half of the mail voters have been returned. but we are seeing people to come to vote in the booths including first-time voters of
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all ages. >> first time voting. it is very important. i want to vote for this country, the united states. >> it was really exciting and it was -- i was really happy to vote because before i could not vote. so i was just like, asking who are you voting for. now i get to do it. >> reporter: and despite the concerns of the turnout, sap fran has two chosely watched racees and initiatives ranging -- races and initiatives ranging from grocery taxes and the reservoir. the department of elections expects to release results of some of the vote by mail ballots starting with a larger report available after 11:45 tonight.
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now, social media is playing an important part in the coverage. we go to the news room,erratic. >> >> reporter: julie, we have seen more than eleven million election tweets today. putting it in perspective for you, with all of the voices weighing in, there are too many people and music is too loud so tonight we are trying to sort out of most pressing conversations on-line. with one hour until the polls close in the bay area we are hear being from you. we ask show you the comments we received in the last 10 minutes. tweet: i am a young voter and i am excited to see my vote make a difference. hearing a lot of that tonight. join the conversation on facebook or twitter@ktvu and throw in the 2012 harsh tag and see what others are talking about tonight as we move forward, covering this big election. we are live in the new room,
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back to you. >> polls close in california in less than an hour. a lot more election coverage is coming up. >> first, another look at the swing state of ohio. probably the most chosely watched of those swing states tonight as you can see right now, very tight race in ohio, president barack obama at this hour leading, governor romney, 51% to 49%. joey, dinner!!!!!
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alllllriggghtttt! joey junior!! alllllriggghtttt! that's what you're wearing! what? thank you jack for bringing the cheesesteaks. well i just want to know what my favorite philly cousins think about my new- sourdough cheesesteak melt. i took all the best parts, thinly sliced steak, melty cheese, onions and peppers but i put it on warm, toasty sourdough. fan-cy. sourdough is my thing. i'm busting your chops, the cheesesteak's good. say it. you're better at hockey. several swing states are going to play a critical role. >> we will talk about them all night. >> frank t is important to note why these swing states are in important. once the polls close on the west coast,ip cluding
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california, -- including california we are expecting a lot of this it turn blue. two70 votes needed to take it. romney 155 and president barack obama with 149. in an hour once the polls close here in california we are more that means these battleground states are more crucial. wanted to let you know within the last few minutes, new hampshire, as you take a look here it want to president barack obama. you look at the results you can see 55% for president barack obama compared to romney's 45%. and there are other key battleground states that are really important. >> we are still watching ohio, that is -- that is really the most important state right now. we are at about 45% of the precincts in ohio has been counted. not half yet. right now president barack obama does have a lead in ohio. 51% to 49% for romney. we are hearing reports from ohio that the president is doing very well in the places
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he was expected to do well but he is doing well in south central ohio and he is, in fact, doing better than expected there. but it is not over yet. we will have to wait to see how it all plays out. let's check in with florida and, again, you can see how close this race is. 50% each. and about 35,000 votes out of more than search million cast. it divides these candidates. florida could be another long night. we have seen that before. >> we certainly -- it certainly might be. but we want to look at virginia. seeing the latest numbers from the associated press. virginia with 13 votes, romney, 52%, president barack obama with 48%. but, remember, a lot of government contractors, government workers living in the state of virginia. we will have to see how that plays out as well. we have poll workers getting ready for the polls to
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close in 45 minutes. how are things looking there? >> not bad right now. but let me tell you as people have been coming in as the deadline approaches, clerks office staff have been telling me people have been bringing in sample ballots instead of their official ballots and making other mistakes coming here. one woman tried to cast a vote here. we are seeing more people come in as it gets close to the polls closing. i learned they are dealing with problems, a dozen scanners that were jamming and needed to be replaced. here at the clerk's office, election votes 50% of voters requested mail-in ballots more than ever before. one group of voters tonight cast their ballots for the first time. turns out they just became citizens this morning. since it is election day they were able to register and vote. a very emotional moment. >> a special day. just -- a special day. to have a chance to vote.
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it was a big day for me. so happy and excited to do it. >> reporter: we have seen election staff getting in position to process the ballot. the big one will be if the tax hike passes. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. turnout for south bay has been brisk. only 45 minutes left before the polls close. we are live at the santa clara registrar of voters area a lot of voters showing up in. >> reporter: they are. you can see it is not filled out. this voter says he likes to wait until the very last minute before turning it in. that is what other people are doing behind us here. if you have one of these, you only have 45 more minutes to turn it in. it has been busy here. a lot of people just got out of
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work and wanted their voice to count. election workers are still calling out numbers of those waiting to vote. and any regster voter who comes in before the doors at 8 will be allowed to cast their ballot. we met a group of coworkers taking pictures in a lobby including a 25-year-old woman who because of her criminal past could not vote but for today she voted for the first time. >> my past was not all that great. i had difficulties of voting. now that i have the privilege to vote i am going to take adsrapltage. >> we are -- advantage. >> we are all first-time voters. we all want to make a difference. >> before we did not think it was important and now we realize that every vote counts. >> reporter: here is video that we took in the last hour of people waiting inside to vote. that wait time is not as long as it was before. last time it was down to 15 minutes. back here live, though, the stream of cars has not stopped and it is not letting up. they have until 8:00 to put them in the box.
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we have been talking to voters for or against minimum wage. we will get initial reports in 40 minutes from now. we will go live inside to show you where they are counting the ballots. we are live, back to you. more election results are straight ahead. first, another situation for a look in florida. a must win for governor romney. as you can see right now it is very, very tight. with the latest numbers, president barack obama with a slight lead. >> another state is virginia, this is one of the closely watched swing states. at the moment, mitt romney is ahead 52% to 48% with 63% of the precincts reporting. we are keeping a close eye on all of these numbers. there are several other key swing states as well. more election coverage after this break ♪
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voters in several states am be deciding if marijuana should be legal, some even beyond medicinal uses. now john has been monitoring what is going on around the country. >> well, there could be more history made tonight. one of the states could be the first to legalize recreational
7:23 pm
use of marijuana. the oregon measure legalizes the spot, voters in washington regulate it like alcohol. a retired policeman says coloradan need horse seps and should legalize marijuana -- sense and should legalize marijuana. >> it is the most immoral policy. it has got to go. >> reporter: he is campaigning for the measure to let it be sold in stores and be taxed. early returns, that measure is leading 52%. massachusetts and arkansas set upstate-reg lated pharmacies for medicinal phaurp. and voters asked to repeal a law passed by voters eight years ago. no returns there for oregon or washington. the federal government is watching these closely. it is is uncheer how drug enforcement officials might change the law enforcement.
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if any of those state-a moved measures do pass. reporting live, back to you. >> many are watching their televisions tonight to see the election results coming in. others are focused on social media suchace face book and twitter to follow what is happening. so, eric what are you seeing right now? less than an hour. a lot of what we are hearing is excitement for people that just cast their votes. meanwhile, florida, ohio, still trending as we wait for the vote totals to play out in those states. earlier tonight, one person asked us on facebook why bother, california not in doubt for the press? well, we heard another tweet here that put it in perspective. paul sawyer in san jose tonight he 28ed admonish my students and friends, vote, thesis props
7:25 pm
matter, now. this precedency matters, now. you can join the conversation at find us again at twitter on twitter at ktvu and add the harsh tag ktvu2012. >> another comment here. lauren blakley tweeted to us, i am in california now but i live in georgia. and i am registered to vote in florida. she says she still found a way to vote, urging everyone to stay on-line and make their voices heard. back to you. >> how about that. more presidential election results now. this time from out west. heather and ken are back now with the latest numbers. >> we got the first numbers from the west. one of the states, a swing state, the state of colorado with the 9 votes. right now president barack obama has the 52-48% lead against romney. in colorado we are still watching to see the final numbers. newmexico is a state that the
7:26 pm
president is expected to carry. he also is doing well there right now. 56% to 44% for mitt room tphaoáe. we have numbers from iowa, one of the swing states, this is somewhat surprising. even though he was expected to do okay president barack obama has 59% over mitt romney's 41%. a strong showing in iowa so far for the president. >> and let's take another look at the votes and tell you and show you how we get to these numberses. romney at 155 and president barack obama at 149. that magic number, 270. let's look. arkansas called a short time ago. let's take a look. romney the winner here. 59% to 41%. we also a few minutes ago had louisiana call for mitt romney. again, the results, 64% for romney compared to barack obama 36%. so, again, these crucial swing states really come into play here trying to push the numbers up. ohio, new numbers coming in.
7:27 pm
18 at stake in high hi. we see the numbers change throughout the night. we will be here monitoring it and bring you the latest. for those who are watching us on ktvu we are going to leave you now. we are continuing on ktvu. >> a look at the numbers from iowa. president barack obama in the lead [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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